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Best Self


Are phrases, sentences and words that are focused, specific and positive. 

They unlock the brains potential to create new pathways decreasing stresses, anxiety, guiding a positive outlook and creating changes in habits and manifest what you want to happen. 

Pregnancy Affirmations

  • I celebrate every success!

  • I manage my stress in positive ways

  • I avoid alcohol, Tabaco and vaping

  • I nourish my body for a healthy pregnancy

  • I can grow a baby right sized for my body

  • I focus on what I can do

  • I talk to my baby with love

  • I am flexible with what ever turn my pregnancy takes

  • I feel the love of my baby grow

  • I practice deep breathing to prepare for birth

  • I am doing my best

  • My best is good enough

  • I feel peaceful with every breath

  • I make good choices for myself and my baby

  • I share my needs with my partner

  • I celebrate each movement

  • I speak love to my baby

  • I drink water to nourish my body

  • I make healthy food choices

  • I show gratitude to others

  • I learn about birth and prepare every day

  • I exercise to prepare for birth

  • I trust my body

  • I am focused on a smooth, easy birth

  • I was born to birth

  • I got this!

How do affirmations impact pregnancy and birth?

Affirmations keep the mind focus on what a person would like to happen. How you want to feel. And empower you with skills. 

Labor and Birth Affirmations

  • With every breath, I relax

  • I focus on one wave at a time

  • I release and let go with each breath

  • My cervix is as soft as butter

  • My baby is positioned perfectly for birth

  • My body and baby work together perfectly

  • I nourish my body with water

  • I keep my inner voice focused on a positive birth

  • I can face whatever turn my birth takes

  • I make the best decisions for me and my baby

  • I am informed about options in birth

  • I follow my body's lead

  • I go deep into relaxation and find my rhythm 

  • I listen to positive birth stories

  • I let others know what I need

  • I am patient with my changing body

  • I research my birth options

  • My uterine muscles work together in harmony

  • I choose a supportive birth team

  • My mind is relaxed, my body is relaxed

  • I breathe easily, deeply and fully

  • I turn my birthing over to my natural birthing instincts

  • I relax more with each and every breath

  • My body knows just what to do 

  • I draw on my inner source of power

  • I am focused on what I do want to happen

  • Warmth flows from head to toe with each breathe

How do affirmations impact postpartum?

Affirmations help new parents overcome the stress that comes with life with a newborn as well as the changes in family dynamics.

Postpartum Affirmations

  • I trust my instincts

  • I know what is best for my baby

  • I ask for help and resources

  • I focus on what is going well

  • I give myself grace

  • I am patient with my partner

  • I give my body what it needs to heal

  • I adjust my expectations

  • I accept support

  • I eat nutritious food

  • My body makes the right amount of milk

  • I make self care a priority

  • I eat regularly

  • "I Celebrate Every Success!"

  • I am grateful for everything my body does

  • I accept change

  • I embrace all feelings

  • I take one day at a time

  • I got this!

  • It won't be like this forever

  • I can do hard things

  • I am growing into the parent I want to be

  • I give myself kindness

  • My best is enough

Each birth experience is unique. We work had in hand with our clients to help them prepare for their best birth possible. Affirmations are one tool that we use. Schedule a free consultation to learn more.

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