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Martineau Family



"The emotions that I associate with Fara and the experience I had with her,  are warm, comforting, simple, and safe. 

     I loved the visits and looked forward to them. 

I loved the time she devoted giving me what I needed to have a healthy, safe birth that was catered to what I wanted. I loved being able to calling her any time day or night if I had a question or concern, and getting a quick response.  She was always considerate, and often asked if I had questions. When I was past my due date, I really appreciated her close contact almost everyday reassuring me, and helping make good decisions for me and my baby. During the labor, she and Bonnie were very in-tune with my needs and helped it be a wonderful experience for me and my husband."



"Fara, I am seriously so grateful for you in my life! You empowered me during my first pregnancy and attended me in my first two transformative experiences in birthing babies. It changed me. I am so blessed to have felt your sweet influence. It is such a privilege to know you and your beautiful family. Thank you amazing lady!!!"

Nelson Family


"Thanks so much for everything! I'm so glad I chose to do a Home Birth. Everything went so smoothly and it was such a good experience!"

Bryant Family


"Fara has helped me with 2 of my babies. After seeing how calm, focused, and detailed she was during my first birth, I knew I wanted her help again when it was time to have another baby. Fara is incredibly knowledgeable and skilled at what she does. She is very warm hearted, attentive, genuine, and knows the ins and outs of pregnancy and delivering babies. Towards the end of my pregnancy I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.


Fara provided me with information, a plan, all the resources and items that I needed, and was very attentive and made sure I was following the protocol for testing and tracking my sugar levels and gave me feedback on how I could improve. She truly is an expert in Gestational Diabetes, and I am so grateful that she was the person to help me on that unexpected journey


I had a long and hard labor this last time, and I don't know if I could have doing it without her and her assistant. They always knew what to do, what to say and where to apply pressure, making sure I was hydrated, and cared for in every way. Fara stayed calm and grounded me when I needed it. I am truly am so thankful, she went above and beyond and really cared."

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​​​"I love how personalized Fara was. She always had a lot of suggestions of supplements and additional services to look into. Many of the ailments I thought were “normal” in my last pregnancies were resolved this time because she took the time to listen and to problem solve with me. I felt better at the end of this pregnancy than I had the other 3 times before. It was also great that she had so much time to spend with me during each visit. She checked on my frequently outside of visits too. She kept me really involved in assessments and results. I definitely felt like she was a partner and advocate for me, not just a provider suggesting what I should do.


I loved having a home birth! It was everything I imagined! It was amazing to have my prenatal visits at my house. I loved being so involved in my care and also being informed of all options during labor and birth so we could make the best decision for us. It was easy to stay in touch and ask questions because I could contact Fara directly and she often initiated contact with me. One of the main reasons I chose a home birth was so I could relax immediately after the baby and not have to stay in the hospital monitored for days. Fara gave us time as a family with the baby, then did the tests, cleaned our house, and then we were left alone. But she still was available when I needed her and checked in frequently. It was awesome that we didn’t have to even put our baby in the car seat for a couple weeks because we were already home. I chose Fara because she was knowledgeable and professional, but still really personable and relatable.


I loved how many postpartum visits there were and the spacing between them was perfect. I was happy that Fara could check on the baby too. She even came an extra time to check on her heart when her heart rate was high one visit. It was also so nice to be able to contact her whenever I needed to."

Photo Credit: Andrea Alba @andreaalbaphotography

Yates Family

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